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If you have joined the Bone Marrow Registry add yourself to the "I Joined" list and let others know you have made a difference.

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I Joined!

Mary (Marja) J. Sepers
Joined 1987 (27 years)
"Not sure it was 1987 I joined but it was a happy moment the year I knew I could offer my part of such possibilities."

Donna Tell
Joined 1998 (16 years)
"I know that I can make a difference, not only as a Bone Marrow Donor but as an Organ Donor too! To Save A Life, can you just imagine! Lets do it everyone! We Can, so Let's Do!!"

Brandon Holland
Windsor, ONTARIO
Joined 2014

Helen Jones
Joined 1999 (15 years)
"I joined Anthony Nolan bone marrow register 15 years ago. Recently, I started raising awareness for others to join in memory of my brother, Robert, who lost his life to leukemia aged11 after a 5 year battle in 1978. In 2013 my daughter, Rachel, began stu"

Chelsey Stachow
Windsor , ON
Joined 2010 (4 years)

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Please Join the Bone Marrow Registry Video

Our YouTube video provides some basic information about the bone marrow registry and why it is critical that people of all ethnic backgrounds join the registry today.


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"I Joined" Guestbook

Danielle Bachand
Toronto, ONTARIO
Joined 2010 (4 years)
"I hope I have the chance to help"

I Joined

Vanessa McPherson
Granton, ONTARIO
Joined 2010 (4 years)

I Joined

surrey, B.C.
Joined 2010 (4 years)
"Done! Here's to hoping I can make a difference!"

Cindy Bohanon
Houston, TX
Joined 2009 (5 years)

Gisele Sutton
Amherstburg , ONTARIO
Joined 2010 (4 years)
"I was pleased to put on a benefit and have the "Kadelyn Bedard Foundation" there to have 85 people join and get tested forthe Bone Marrow Association. I pray one person will be a match. "

Wendy Valley
Blairmore, ALBERTA
Joined 2010 (4 years)
"... just might make a difference!!!"

I Joined

Wendy Valley
Blairmore, ALBERTA
Joined 2010 (4 years)
"This is something I have been curious about for years. I will be looking into how I can possibly contribute a chance at helping someone have another chance at life. I'll be passing this along instead of the multitudes of meaningless emails I get. It just"

Kaitlyn Matthews
Windsor, ONTARIO
Joined 2009 (5 years)
"Joining the registry was a great experience. It was painless, easy, and rewarding. I only hope that one day we can have enough registrants to help all those in need of donors."

Sarah FitzGerald
Windsor, ONTARIO
Joined 2004 (10 years)
"Just got a call today and I'm going to get the 2nd round of testing. I might be a match for someone!"

Sylvia Rondelez
Strathroy, ONTARIO
Joined 2000 (14 years)

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